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Maximum antivirus protection for your Android


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CM Security and Find My Phone (Cleanmaster) is a security tool for Android devices that will protect your operating system from any threat that you encounter while surfing the Internet or from malicious applications that you may have downloaded.

The first time you use the application, you can set all the protection parameters that you want to activate. Included among these is real-time protection while browsing the Internet. This option, in any case, is entirely optional and can be disabled at any time.

The best part of CM Security and Find My Phone, however, is that the scanner will analyze the memory of your Android device and any SD card you have inside. In doing so, it will tell you if there are any malicious applications and, if you want, help you delete them from your device.

Other tools included in CM Security will let you protect certain applications, putting a virtual lock on them so nobody can open them without your permission; or block certain phone numbers so they can no longer call you.

CM Security and Find My Phone is an excellent security tool for Android. With its simple and convenient interface, you can keep your phone or tablet safe from viruses and other threats.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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